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All of life revolves around the truth of Jesus and the kingdom of God. We want you to grow in truth, connect in community, and serve the mission. Mercy Church focuses on 3 areas of life that encompass growing, connecting, and serving.



This is where we gather to worship Jesus by reading God’s word, praying, singing, encouraging one another, and proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We come together united in belief and mission, and leave proclaiming the gospel.




This is where we gather as a “smaller family” to participate in what God is doing in our city and neighborhoods. As family, we seek to participate in all aspects of life together: eat, serve, recreate, sacrifice, and encourage. We do all of this in front of a watching world and call people to come join the community God has woven together. 




This is where we fight, not with tactics but with faith. (Jesus has already defeated sin and evil for us) 1 Timothy 6:12 says “fight the good fight of the faith.” Fight clubs are groups of 2-3 men or women who are seeking to love one another by trusting Jesus and His power to free us from the blindness of sin. By the power of the Holy Spirit these groups will fight for truth, fight your sin, and fight for the lost.




This is where we train up leaders and send them out. In scripture, the book of Acts is full of churches being planted.   Mercy Church is part of a network that plants many churches across the world. (see



Sundays at 5pm
7700 W Main St Frisco, TX


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